Gemedet Video Services

Online Videos

Gemedet Video is pleased to offer streaming video coverage of the events that we film.

Our streaming videos are available for viewing anywhere in the world and are compatible with most tablets (including iPads and Android tablets), cell phones, PCs, and Macs.

We attempt to cover as much of the competition as possible and these videos are produced in high-definition with the same high standards that we use for our DVD and Blu-Ray discs.

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We do not have any streaming videos available for purchase at this time. Please check back soon!

If you have trouble viewing these videos on a Windows or Mac computer please make sure you have the latest version of the Adobe Flash Player installed.

If you are having problems viewing videos on a tablet or a cell phone running iOS or Android, please check for any available OS updates for your device and try again. We recommend using iOS 7 or later or Android 4.0 or later if possible.

For best results we recommend using a high speed Internet connection such as DSL, Cable, or Satellite service.

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 - Roger Caras