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A note about streaming video quality

A note about streaming video quality

Our streaming videos are highly compressed to make it possible to view them over the Internet. This high compression has the effect of slightly reducing the quality and resolution of the videos. Our DVD and Blu-ray discs use as little compression as possible ensuring that you get the best quality video possible.

Whenever possible we use multiple cameras to provide video coverage of events from multiple perspectives. However, occasionally we may post streaming videos that only include a single camera viewpoint with very little editing. This allows us to get some video coverage to you as quickly as possible after each event.

Many times we will replace the single camera version of a video with a higher quality version that has been edited to include multiple camera angles and titling a few weeks after the show or event. Such videos will be marked as "early access" and you will automatically be able to access the high quality, edited version once it becomes available.

If you purchase access to a streaming video, we will keep the video online for you for at least 12 months after purchase - longer if possible.

If you want a higher quality video we recommend purchasing our DVD or Blu-ray discs. Our DVD and Blu-ray discs are carefully edited to provide the highest quality possible. We edit together the video from all of the cameras that we have set up at each event to make sure you have the best view possible at all times throughout the video.

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